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Our Process is Simple

We Start With Your Story

Your story is the reason people choose you

Our goal is to make your message easy to engage with across multiple visits and devices. Few prospects read your entire website in one sitting.

People’s lives are fragmented; website experiences are as well. Someone might read two or three pages on their laptop at work, a page on their phone while waiting to pick a child up after school, and then finish at home on their iPad.

People tell me “No one reads anymore,” but that isn’t true. Look at your analytics. Go beyond the site average and pick something specific like your Director’s page. People will spend one to two minutes there, then they’ll go to the next page and do it again.

Your website must be super-easy to navigate, and memorable enough that people will come back to it to later in the day.

For example

After redesigning Colvig Silver Camps they had a

41% increase in Organic Traffic
29% increase in User Sessions
186% increase in Users
112% increase in Page Views
63% increase in Pages per Session
29% decrease in Bounce Rate

and most notably a

51% ⬆︎

Increase in Time on Site

I would say they’ve got a few new readers!

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What would it mean for your business if you had more people, spending more time on your website?

Campers in bunks are the bottom line.

Our friends at Camp Manitou had a

31% increase in User Sessions
21% increase in Users
29% increase in Pages per Session
41% increase in Time on Site
45% decrease in Bounce Rate

after their redesign, contributing to a

8.78% ⬆︎

Increase in Camper Enrollment

Impressed yet?

We work hard to make every client a success story because our success depends on your success. Please don’t take our word for it. Call any one of our clients.

What a terrific website! It makes it impossible for any prospective parent to not put us at the top of their list.

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