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Power to the People

We created Typewriter because we believe in you.

Typewriter is your go-to, messaging, marketing, communication platform

Your website is where you share your vision. It’s how you stay in touch with your customers. It supports your word-of-mouth. It makes you credible. It makes you accessible. Your website is how you communicate who you are to our switched-on, tuned-in, media-driven culture.

Whether you’re making a bold statement like “Girls Are Worth More”, or sharing your vision — telling your story is one of the most important things you do. Why? Your story is what distinguishes you. Unless you’re selling widgets, you and your story are what people are really buying.

We want you to tell your story

That’s why we built Typewriter — we believe that no one can do it as well as you can. Job #1 for us was finding and removing roadblocks that prevent people from really using their websites. We knew our clients wanted to:

  • change text without formatting headaches
  • update photos & post new videos
  • make announcements
  • add new pages
  • blog

Beyond that, we knew we had to make the system flexible enough for modern website designs, and compatible with all sorts of screen sizes. See for yourself! Alpine Camp, Camp DeSoto, & KenMont/KenWood run on Typewriter. Let us show you how easy it is to use Typewriter.

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We make complex page layouts manageable.

How Typewriter Works

Something this big had to start small. We worked from the inside out. Content is king so we started there.

We built a better editor

It seems so obvious.

The editor must match the content. Typewriter has contextual editors so each unique layout has an intuitive matching editor.

Layouts, blocks

Scroll back to the top of this page and notice the variety as you work your way down. The page starts with a big blue box, then changes to an image and text, then the page changes again — layout after layout. Each layout is a block of content and together they make a page — a big, beautiful, modern, responsive, web page.

Typewriter includes a wide range of blocks and every one is customizable. This allows each Typewriter site to have its own unique design.

On the left you see a “hero” block editor. On the right you can see the live version of that same block.

Want to see Typewriter in action? We’d love to show you.

Design Matters

Layout blocks are the foundation for your website. One block plus another and you’ve got a page; one page, plus another, and you’ve got a website. But will all of the sites look the same? No way.

Making the web beautiful is what we’re all about. We want every site built with Typewriter to shine so each one is hand-crafted and supported by friendly people (us!).

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We knew we had something good when die-hard WordPress users started saying “WOW!”

The Right Stuff

We leverage content delivery networks for speedy file and image transfer, load balanced auto-scaling servers to ensure availability, distributed DNS for speed and reliability — this and more, because your website’s performance is top priority in our book.

Like you, we want pages that load quickly and images that are super sharp. Typewriter is a hosted service so you don’t need to worry about uptime, storage space, or bandwidth. We manage all of that for you.

We rely on best-of-class, industry-standard software and services to make sure things run smoothly.

One good thing after another. We didn’t work this hard to skimp on technology!


You’ve probably had a content management system for a while now, but are you getting a good return on that investment? If it isn’t easy to use, what’s the point?

Our goal isn’t to give you the ability to manage your website — we want you to take control.

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