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When was the last time you visited a website and were greeted by a personal note from the owner? I’m sure it’s been a while. I just wanted to take a moment to ask you a question.

“Why are you here?”

I need a new website

This is the number one reason people call on us. We’re all about making your website work for you.

Take me to the next level

My brochure is, um…

Print is far from dead — it’s the important follow-through that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Wow your prospects

I want to build my brand

Authentically communicate who you really are.

Your brand matters

Something else

How do you connect with your audiences? Email, lead nurturing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing… there are lots of ways we can help.

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Can I tell you a little about me and my company? My name is Nicholai Ronningen. I got my start in 1999, building my first summer camp website for Camp Greystone. After that, Alpine Camp called, then another camp, and another. Next thing you know, I was exclusively working for summer camps. Now, nearly 20 years later, I’ve got a small team working with me and our focus remains the same — serving summer camps and their families.

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Oh Girl!

Keystone Camp

See their new website

Why have I made summer camp my life’s work? Probably for the same reason as you. I see children whose lives are transformed at camp. I know it’s real.

I remember when virtual reality was “the future” and it sounded great. Now there are all of these kids who can’t relate to adults…or even their peers. Their noses are down in their cell phones. They’re more interested in social media and YouTube than hanging out with friends or playing outdoors.

Meaningful relationships, helping others, trying new things, sunshine on your skin, diving deep in the lake, seeing the stars in the sky… and sharing all of that with people you care about — that’s the reality I want!

On a day-to-day basis, my team and I spend our time out at camps, consulting on the phone, writing, designing, coding — doing behind-the-scenes work to help people like you tell your story. Websites, brochures, & email — these are some of the modern story-telling tools we use.

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How We Do It

Learn about our process.

Read the DeSoto Project Notes

Your story is really where it’s at. People relate to stories, and the people who tell them. There are so many families out there who need to hear the story of your camp. We’d love to help you connect with them.

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