About Us

Hi. I’m Nicholai and I started Ronningen Design in 1999. We’ve been around this long, in part, because we love what we do and we love our clients. We look for people who want us to come alongside them as trusted partners.

We think of ourselves as craftsmen. Our goal is to help your business stand out from others. We strive to do good work that serves you well because we hope to work with you for years to come.

We are collaborators. We do our best work when you are actively engaged and in it for the long haul. We want a meaningful relationship — one where you trust us and know we have your best interests in mind.

Nicholai Ronningen


I grew up in a home where my father’s business was a regular topic of conversation — Dad was my hero and he inspired me to start this business.

Websites fascinate me. The written word is powerful, and the web is an amazing platform. While there are lots of gee-whiz bells-and-whistles you can include in a website, it really boils down to communicating a meaningful message clearly. This matters to me. I like to help people connect with their audience.

James Skelton


James came to us in 2014. He is in charge of pretty much everything. On a day-to-day basis he’s keeping up with scheduling, making sure maintenance gets done, and projects are on track. We’re a small shop, everyone has a lot going on, and someone usually wants something yesterday. James does a wonderful job of handling the daily craziness while keeping a smile on everyone’s face (and beer in the fridge). He’s our indefatigable encourager.

Chuck Fultz

Art Director & Lead Designer

In 2016 we celebrated Chuck’s first 10 years with the business! Chuck is a man with strong character and strong opinions. I love him for both. He has a keen eye for detail; he can also step back and look at the big picture. He asks tough questions, and he expects you to do your homework (yes, we assign homework). He is also an excellent teacher. After a project gets started Chuck usually takes the reigns and oversees the project through the design phases.

Andrew Anderson

Senior Programmer & Developer

In 2008 Andrew came on board to help Chuck and me with problems we didn’t know how to solve. Databases, for instance, were baffling. Since then, Andrew has overseen server maintenance, set up content delivery networks, programmed custom solutions (like Typewriter!), and solved problems we didn’t know we had — he seems to always be one step ahead of me. Thoughtful and tenderhearted, he is the man to talk to if you ever need a patient listener.

Stephen Haskell

Lead Developer

Stephen signed on in 2013. He was relatively new to web development, but he learned quickly. Just a few years later, Stephen is our lead developer. Chuck & Matt throw more than a few curve balls Stephen’s way, but he routinely manages to make it look easy. I think he’s at his most amazing when he is subduing poorly behaved browsers. Once design is complete Stephen assumes responsibility for the development phase. He is a man with a big heart and an easy smile.

Matt Fitch

Designer / Developer

Matt joined us from the West Coast in 2016. Matt is a solid designer and he has a knack for content. After a website is developed, Matt is responsible for crafting pages — one of the most important phases of a project! If you’re out in California, or up late at night (OK, until 8pm Eastern), call our West Coast phone number and say hello to Mr. Fitch!

Kyle Rinehart

Digital Marketing & Strategy

New to the team in 2017, Kyle is the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur. I’m pretty sure his motto is, “I can make it happen.” He’s got a head for business, click through rates, conversions, and anything else that will help you fill bunks. He’s a brilliant communicator who keeps things in perspective.

Six Guys Above A Pub

Our main office has been above a pub since 2008…if only they would install a tap up here! Looking out our second story window we have a sweeping view of the North Carolina mountains.

We’ve embraced remote work and everyone loves it. More time with family, more adventures with the kids, and yet we’re still super easy to get in touch with! James, Nicholai, and Kyle, are almost always around because it’s important to us that there’s a friendly voice available when you call. Chuck, Andrew, and Stephen are remote depending on the day. Matt is our man in Havana (oops, California). It’s a crazy modern world we live in, and that makes the little things so much more meaningful.

Hey, you read to the bottom of the page! You must feel like you practically know us by now — why not give us a call?!?